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The considerable residence, dated 1540, was built by Corn Menusio de Castelmur next to the old town hall, which was replaced in 1583, in the center of Vicosoprano.

The noble residence, whose courtyard on the first floor was used as a warehouse and whose cellars are vaulted, rises on three residential floors; aristocratically designed rooms are located on the two upper floors; the facade is embellished by windows with frames in local slein - located on three regular levels.
The arrangement of the rooms in the floor plan corresponds to the residential module of the elite residing in the valley.
The steep staircase leads from the first floor to the second floor, whose hallway has a cross vault.

The palace is one of the most important and oldest patrician buildings in the valley; the portal is framed by prasinite, a local green stone; above it is the coat of arms of the Castelmur, a well-known local family of feudal origin. The balcony, in the style of the 19th century, was added later.