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Stone houses and narrow lanes make up the little village of Vicosporano, once the main village of the Bergell. The peaceful valley landscape surrounding the village is in contrast to its eventful past. Both can be explored to the full in Vicosporano.
The Maloja and Septimer passes link the Graubunden Bergell Valley (Val Bregaglia) with the rest of Switzerland. The valley is framed by glaciated mountain ridges and opens up towards the south and Italy. Fragrant chestnut groves and the stone buildings of the Bergell villages lend the valley a Mediterranean ambiance.

Bergell is a hiking and climbing paradise. Vicosoprano is a point on the Via Bregaglia, running alongside the numerous historic Bergell monuments. The Bergell Panorama Trail leads past the village on the northern slope of the valley. «La Panoramica» is truly worthy of its name with numerous vantage points, each one more impressive than the last. The Albigna region, with its jagged rock formations offering excellent climbing tours, is reached by aerial cableway from Vicosoprano.

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